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Registered And Bonded Unlawful Detainer Assistants in Sacramento, CA. Assisting Landlords In Placer, Yolo, and Yuba County.  Years Of experience removing problem tenants fast.  We provide affordable assistance for Landlords Only.

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Registered and Bonded Unlawful Detainer Assistants and Cooperating Attorney have many  years of experience assisting landlords with the eviction process. Hire us to serve the eviction notice, prepare the unlawful detainer, file at the courthouse, and schedule the Sheriff lockout. We inform you every step of the way.

Why Choose Us?


Whether it’s a 3 Day Notice To Pay Or Quit, 3 Day Notice To Perform Covenant Or Quit, 30 Day Notice To Vacate, 60 Day  Notice To Vacate, or 90 Day Notice To Vacate, we serve tenants same day in most cases. It’s extremely important to have a professional prepare and serve the eviction notice, since it is critical to the entire eviction process.



Allow Us 1-2 Business Days To Prepare Court Forms.


Steps 1 – 3


  1. Complete the intake form online or download and return.

  2. Submit payment online or by phone.

  3. Electronically sign the forms we prepare.




Once Eviction Notice Expires, Skip To Step 3.


Steps 1 -10


  1. Electronically sign the prepared Notice.

  2. We serve the tenant (s).

  3. Once the notice expires, contact us to proceed with the Eviction process.

  4. Electronically sign the court forms we prepare.

  5. We file the forms with the court.

  6. We serve the Defendant (s).

  7. Once we serve the Defendant we inform you exactly how many days they have to Respond.

  8. If the Defendant doesn’t Respond, we request for Entry of Default Judgement.

  9. If the Defendant Responds, we Request to Set for Trial.

  10. We deliver the writ to the Sheriff’s Department and schedule the lockout.

Notice To Pay or Notice To Vacate - $99

(Prices may vary due to location.)

Uncontested Eviction - $389

Price does not include:

Mandatory Court Filing Fee – $240

Sheriff Lockout Fee – $145

(Prices may vary due to location.)

Request For Order To Post & Mail + Service (Only billed if Defendants are not able to be served after 5 attempts.) $99

Money Judgement – $99

Entity Filings – Additional $140

 C. Contested Eviction (If Tenants File An Answer)

1. Optional – Referral to Cooperating Attorney for Trial Appearance – Additional $289

2. You Can Appear For Trial And Represent Yourself – No Additional Fee

Uncontested Eviction with Money Judgement - $489

Price does not include:

Mandatory Court Filing Fee – $240

Sheriff Lockout Fee – $145

(Prices may vary due to location.)

Request For Order To Post & Mail + Service (Only billed if Defendants are not able to be served after 5 attempts.) $99

Entity Filings – Additional $140

 C. Contested Eviction (If Tenants File An Answer)

1. Optional – Referral to Cooperating Attorney for Trial Appearance – Additional $289

2. You Can Appear For Trial And Represent Yourself – No Additional Fee


Cooperating Eviction Attorney


Do You Want To Be Represented In Court?


Trial Appearance – $289

From start to finish, we prepare and file all the necessary forms for an uncontested eviction and unlawful detainer. Above all we prepare all the trial documents, if the case must be set for trial. You also have the option to hire a cooperating attorney, within our attorney referral network, to represent you in court or you can choose to represent yourself in court, should the eviction become contested. Fee above includes a 2 hour trial appearance.

Keeping You Informed

Every Step Of The Way


Sacramento County Unlawful Detainer Assistant Registration #2017-01

Before Filing An Unlawful Detainer, You Must Legally Terminate the Tenancy

This can be done many different ways, depending on the circumstances. Terminate the Tenancy by preparing and serving a 3 Day Notice, 30 Day Notice, 60 Day Notice, or 90 Day Notice. Serve the tenants properly, with the correct notice, and once the time in the notice given has expired the landlord can file a lawsuit for an Eviction and Unlawful Detainer. Above all, we always highly recommend the landlord hires a professional to prepare and serve the notice to vacate.


A landlord should never rely on a notice that has not been prepared and served by a professional. It is very important that a landlord understands the negative impact a faulty notice to vacate can have on the entire eviction process. In most cases landlords will have to re-file the entire complaint and have to start the entire process all over again.

3 Day Notice

Serve 3 Day Notice To Pay Or Quit for: Non-Payment of Rent. Serve 3 Day Notice To Perform Covenant Or Quit for: demanding to correct a violation of the lease, and for illegal activity on the premises. The 3 Day Notice must be completely accurate. If you prepare and serve a 3 Day Notice be sure the correct amount of rent and no late fees are included. There is also specific forms and wording that must be used.


If the 3 Day Notice is invalid you will have to start the entire process over again. The landlord can not accept partial payments of rent to proceed with the eviction or full payment of rent after the Notice has expired. If you accept any amount of rent you must serve another 3 Day Notice To Pay Rent Or Quit, if the tenants have not paid in full or become delinquent again.

30 Day Notice, 60 Day Notice, and 90 Day Notice Requirements

If the tenant hasn’t given you a reason to serve a 3 Day Notice, you must prepare and serve a different Notice to Terminate Tenancy, depending on the circumstances.


30 Day Notice: to terminate a month-to-month tenancy (leasing less than one year)


Certain Circumstances if the property is being sold. (Civil Code, Section 1946.1)


Never an agreement for rent or exchange for goods and services for rent.


60 Day Notice: to terminate a month-to-month tenancy (leasing more than one year)


90 Day Notice: Certain government-subsidized tenancies

Prejudgment Claim To Right To Possession CP10.5

Do you believe there are any unknown occupants? It’s strongly suggested to serve all unknown occupants with a Prejudgment Claim, at the same time the tenant gets served the lawsuit. When you use this option,you will have to wait ten days from the date of service, rather than the usual five days to Request for Default Judgment against the unnamed occupants.


The extra 5 days gives you the peace of mind that the eviction process will not be prolonged at the last minute by an unknown person, who claims to be a tenant. A Prejudgment Claim to Right of Possession can only be served by a Registered Process Server. If a Prejudgment Claim to Right of Possession was served properly, this allows the Sheriff to perform the lockout on everyone who is occupying the premises.

No Answer

Request For Default Judgment

After the proper amount of time has been allowed for the tenants to Respond to the lawsuit, which is 5 Days for tenants and 10 days for Unnamed Occupants, you can Request For Default Judgement if the tenants or unnamed occupants haven’t filed an Answer. The landlord will be issued the writ of possession to schedule the sheriff lockout.


The landlord needs to deliver the writ to the sheriffs department to schedule the lockout. As a landlord you must give the tenant up to 14 days to retrieve all belongings from the property after the sheriff lockout has occurred. Also the landlord should have a locksmith available to change the locks immediately.


Request To Set Case For Trial

Our Eviction Services in Sacramento are for Landlords only. If the tenants have filed an Answer, you must Request To Set Case For Trial. The trial is usually about half an hour. The court usually schedules the trial within 2-3 weeks. The Request To Set Case For Trial, must be served to the tenants via U.S. mail. Be sure to arrive early to your court date, with copies of all your paperwork.


The judge will review your paperwork for accuracy and decide if there are any issues that must be addressed. If the verdict has been rendered in your favor you will be able to obtain a Judgement and Writ of Possession, after filing all the proper documents for an Unlawful Detainer in Sacramento County Superior Court.

Reasons To Evict

1. A landlord may evict a tenant for non payment of rent.

2. If there is a lease violation.

3. If your tenant has unauthorized animals on the premises.

4. If your tenant has extended guests or unapproved occupants.

5. You can evict your tenant if they have allowed someone else to rent the property.

6. You can evict your tenants if you receive a fine because of noise complaints.

7. Property Damages

8. If your tenant is involved in any drug related crimes or activities you can evict.

9. Finally, if you’re lease with the tenant has expired you can evict.

Types Of Evictions

Contested Eviction

After filing the unlawful detainer your tenant has 5 days to respond to fight the eviction case, if they are personally served. When serving a Prejudgment Claim to Right Of Possession there is a 10 day waiting period. If the tenants are substitute served, they have 15 days to respond. If tenants respond this now becomes a contested eviction.


Uncontested Eviction

An uncontested eviction is when the tenant fails to respond to the unlawful detainer. If so there is no need for a trial date to be set. This makes the eviction process much smoother.

Landlord Rights

All Landlords have rights to collect rent from tenants, enter property for inspections, repairs, and alterations. (If given notice to tenant within reason). You have the right to evict tenants to who fail to pay rent or comply with their rental or lease agreement.


You have the right to set lease terms Ex. Pet Policies, Rent Amount, Number of Occupants. Depending on your lease agreement you may have the right to increase rent. If Tenants have done damage to your property which you believe is beyond “fair wear and tear” and the tenants refuse to pay or fix the repair themselves, you are entitled to retain the sum of money from their deposit to cover the cost.

Same Day Eviction Notice


Why Utilize Our Eviction Services?

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Whether it be noisy tenants or late rent, we all have reasons to evict, so let us help make the process easy and affordable! Allow us to help prepare all landlord eviction forms, file the forms with the local court, and submit them to the county sheriff.The best part is we make the process smooth, easy, and essentially 100% online. If you’re not tech savvy we can accommodate meeting in person.


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Sacramento . Yolo . Yuba . Placer


Eviction Services for most counties in the Sacramento Valley, while collaborating with your local sheriff’s department, to ensure your eviction process is smooth and easy. Let us help you regain possession of your property, smoothly. Until the Sheriff performs the lockout and the locksmith changes the locks, we are not finished.

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