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Having trouble finding a Person, Defendant, or Property Owner? We’ll track them down! Have results in as little as an hour.

To request Skip Trace Services, email us the court documents you wish to serve, along with their last known city of residency. If requesting property owner information please email the property address.

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Rates DO NOT include any mandatory fees charged by the Courts, Sheriff’s Department, witness fees, document fees, notary fees, etc. Payment must be made prior to service. Filing the proof of service with the court, over the counter, drop box, or by fax, is an extra charge. Prices are subject to change due to location of service request, circumstances. and delivery of documents. Routine Service is defined as first attempt within 3 business days, excluding weekends. Service includes 3 attempts, if required. Documents must be submitted in a single email, only in PDF format or by fax. Documents and payment must be received by 12pm for same day service. If past 12pm please contact the office directly to confirm same day service is still available.

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Process Servers have an assortment of tasks. These tasks consist of filing court papers, serving legal documents, and document retrieval. Their main job, however, is to deliver “serve” legal documents to a defendant that is involved in a court case. These papers can consist of things like writs, warrants, subpoenas, restraining orders, and unlawful detainers. Process servers then have to provide proof that they served the documents. This verification is called Proof of Service, which might need to be notarized in some cases and given back to the person who required the documents to be served.


Benefits of Hiring a Professional

Process Servers in Sacramento and throughout Northern California, who are knowledgeable about the laws of your jurisdiction can help you rest assured that the legal documents are provided to the other side in accordance with the applicable laws. If notice is not provided correctly, it can become a frustrating scenario. In some instances, lack of notice can completely invalidate the results of a case. Having a professional process server complete service can also save you time. Our process servers are here to make this an easy process.

Legal Requirements to Become a Process Server

Some states have more strict guidelines pertaining to becoming a process server. For example, some states require that the process server have a license or certain certification. In order to acquire this license or certification, the individual may need to complete a certain amount of education or training. Additionally, he or she may be subjected to certain background checks. Some jurisdictions require process servers to have insurance or be bonded.

Due Process Requirements

The Due Process Clause of the United States Constitution requires that no defendant be deprived of his or her life, liberty or property without due process of law. Due process requires that defendants are made aware of pending actions that can affect these aspects of a defendant’s life. Providing proper process of service allows the court to ensure that the defendant receives notification and the opportunity to come to court in its defense.

Documents to be Served

Process servers deliver a variety of legal documents, many of which require a person’s presence in court. Common documents that are served include subpoenas to testify in court, a summons for a party to appear in court, complaints, and writs.

Legal Requirements of Service

Each state establishes its own rules related to proper service. For example, a state may establish certain hours when a person may be served. Additionally, it may have a rule related to the proper location to have a person served, such as only at his or her residence. Certain tactics may be regarded as trespassing or harassment, so it is important for a person to be well-versed in these laws to avoid complications.


Legal Document Assistant’s Process Servers gives the plaintiff the proof that he or she needs, called the proof of service or affidavit of service. We deliver fast proof of service, directly to your inbox. Plaintiffs can submit this document to the court to verify that the other party had been notified of legal action.


How We Serve


1. After receiving your documents whether you contracted us to file them or you brought them to us yourself we begin searching for the defendant.


2. If the defendant cannot be found, there is no better game of hide and seek than between a process server and a defendant! We start a process called “Skip Tracing”. Skip tracing is the action or practice of locating people who are missing or have defaulted on a debt. We use top of the line software to find the defendant’s previous and current addresses, as well as his affiliate’s addresses, family addresses, and even work addresses and P.O boxes.


3. After consulting with Sherlock Holmes to find your defendant we then make 3 attempts to serve the court papers on your behalf, we document each and every attempt for service that has been made. These documentations include pictures with Geo locations proving our process servers were at the address affiliated with the defendant and that they either attempted to serve or successfully served the defendant. If after the third attempt our process server cannot locate your defendant we will attempt to sub-serve the defendant if the court papers allow it. (Meaning leaving the court papers with someone closely affiliated with the defendant over the age of 18).


4. If need be our process servers are willing and ready to testify in court with evidence that we served the defendant with pictures of the property we served them at.

Why Choose LDA For Your Process Server Needs?


Our Process Servers are registered and bonded. Our Process Servers have Geo located devices to make sure we can prove in the court of law that your defendant was served on time and in person. We have been Skip Tracing and Process Serving in the Sacramento-Yolo-Placer areas for over 10 years! We specialize in risky serves, such as Defendants that can only be reached at night, Defendants that are unlawfully occupying a property, and defendants that have a history with violence and aggression. LDA Process Servers are trained to avoid conflict and defuse tense and aggravated defendants to ensure a safe and efficient serve.


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